Shadecloth Sails

Is it good for the Shade Sail to Have Height Variation?

You might have witnessed the shade sails in your neighborhood or anywhere around you. If you are planning to get one installed in your house, then one question must have struck your mind that why some people have height variations in their shade sails while others don’t have it. Is height variation good for shade sails or not? The answer to such questions can be explained in a very simple manner.

What is Height Variation?

Sails have mounting points on which the whole system is based. If all the mounting points are not at the same height, then that is known as height variation. It makes the shade sail lower from some sides, while higher from the other ones.

Height variation is not necessarily for the four sided sails. You might have witnessed this height variation in the sails having more than four mounting points.

Is it good to Have Height Variation?

Height variation is never a bad thing to have in the shade sails. Some people prefer to have shade sails that are square from all sides and have no height variation. But, mostly shade sails have height variations.

Rain Water Can Easily Shed off

If the sails are square, then this can be trouble sometimes as the rain water may get accumulated upon the sail. To make the water shed off properly, height variation is a good thing to do. A better way to do this is by making the height variations on the opposite mounting points.

Shade Sails Look Elegant

Square sails are good, but sails with height variations have a more charming look. The irregular mounting points display a beautifully installed shade sail. Apart from the other benefits, you can get the desired beauty through height variation.

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